Celebrities take sides on Gaza war


Infographic on whose side the Hollywood celebs are taking in the aftermath of the Gaza war.

Celebrity news in today’s world

Celebrity News in Today's World

The days of waiting for monthly gossip magazines to hit the racks are long past us. These days, if you like to follow celebrity news, the hottest and newest information is always right at your fingertips online. Whatever e-mail service you use, you will almost always notice links to this or that entertainment news story somewhere around the page. Just about every mail platform is hooked up with a news homepage. There are new and clever ways always being cooked up to rope readers in, from “you won’t believe what she wore” articles to “what do they look like now?” and so on. (more…)

Popular casino scenes in movies

Casinos have always been a popular setting in movies. They promise a specific blend of opulence and glamour, spiced with both risk and a little danger. The James Bond movie franchise has made the best of this, and many Bond movies have very entertaining casino scenes. Probably the most popular of these are the various casino scenes in the film Casino Royal, including those where Bond first loses his money to the film’s anti hero Le Chiffre and where he wins it back again. Although these scenes have received a considerable amount of criticism from poker players regarding both the way the various players approach the game and the actual cards that are dealt, amongst those who are not too purist about the game itself they are both entertaining and exciting, even though more than a little predictable.