Bai Ling nipple slip

Whether it is caught by paparazzi as she frolics on a Hawaiian beach or as she walks down the red carpet during the premiere of her latest film, Chinese-born actress Bai Ling is a frequent victim of the “nipple slip”. Here is the latest photo of Bai Ling in yet another embarrassing “nipple slip” incident.

Bai Ling nipple slip

Considering the frequency of such incidents happening, it makes us wonder as to whether this “slip” was really accidental or is partially intentional on her part. Whatever the case is, it certainly does not hurt to flash her “bits” for some popularity.

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  1. Bai Ling eu só quéro que vc saiba que sempre quando te vejo me dá uma vontade imença de transar com vc e com mais ninguém.Então sem mais conversa eu sempre quis te dizer isso:Eu estou te amando loucamente e gostaria de transar com vc para que nós tenhamos alguns filhos ou filhas.

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