Beyonce looking at Broadway as future career


Well-known singer and actress Beyonce Knowles has recently expressed interest, that in a few years she would settle down, have children with her husband and make a debut on stage at Broadway, according to a report in Reuters. The Grammy Award winning singer-actress expressed her interest in a role on stage, saying that it is her “ideal job”, to speak, during a promotion of her latest movie, “Obsessed”.

“I can go to the theater every day and drop my children, and perhaps make something to eat – maybe I will know how to cook, then – and then do what I love and some normalcy and have a regular schedule,” she was found admitting to the news agency.

I certainly wish Beyonce all the best in her endeavours, and it would certainly be interesting to see how a talented actress-singer can make her mark on Broadway in a few years time.

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